The prophetic birth and history of the ICCC

shaft-oak-10385_640The ICCC was born in obedience to a vision given over a six-year period to Swedish businessman J. Gunnar Olson: “I carried this vision for several years, but now the Lord has shown me that the hour has come to take an audacious step and to write it down.” The time to free the vision was confirmed by encouragement from an American businessman who had come to Stockholm, in Sweden, especially to meet Gunnar. His message was: “The time has come to say what is in your heart”, and he gave him a package containing 2,000 pins that have become the symbol of ICCC today.

This was the first of a series of confirmations that led to the creation of the ICCC. God also led Gunnar in a supernatural way towards the five founding members of the International Directorate of the ICCC. Before the inaugural meeting of the ICCC, early on the morning of Monday 22 July 1985, Gunnar was weeping before the Lord, feeling totally inadequate for the task. At 2 AM, the phone rang and a woman he did not know gave him this prophecy: “The time has come to launch the new project. It is a plantation; it is just and pure. I see tall trees, smaller trees and bushes. The tall trees will protect the plantation at times of storms. It will be a shelter for many. No-one will be able to slow what I undertake. Enemies will try to destroy, but I will rap on their fingers. They will not succeed. There is no higher or lower rank … only Jesus. The Lord will use these people to accomplish remarkable miracles. The trees are full of fruits containing great power. When people see what I have accomplished, they will envy you, but they will not be able to enter. The Lord is revealing the Kingdom that cannot be shaken. He shall send it to all those who believe that the Lord is faithful and real, and already present. It shall not be taken from the people of the Lord; it shall remain until Jesus comes. It cannot be shaken here on Earth.

Several of those who think they have much to offer shall be very small when they present themselves because what they are bringing is not lasting. There is much to show and to experience. Do not let my project throw you off balance. I shall do surprising things.
Stay calm and at peace. All answers will come from me. You may trust me completely. Do not confide in flesh and blood. Come to me and lean on me. Irritations shall occur but remain at peace. They have not understood nor heard the Holy Spirit. I shall protect you, body, soul and spirit and I shall place a wall of fire around you. You shall grow in the Spirit in a new way. The Lord shall give you new gifts. You shall be capable of communicating with your loved ones in the Spirit and they shall understand you perfectly.
The Lord will speak. You shall receive a wisdom that shall surprise many. You shall see my power in such a way that you shall be at peace. You shall be as a child who does not lean on its own understanding. Remain in pureness of heart, faithfulness, and rest … for fear of losing your bearings. You are my servant and you shall see that you are truly free, truly happy and fulfilled … arrayed in my glory as My Jewel. The Lord shall use you in a special way. Keep your eyes fixed on the Kingdom that cannot be shaken … that is starting now and that the Lord sends to all those who are faithful to him. It is starting here and now and it shall not be taken from you. The golden chain that shall shut with the last link says that all is finished. When the last link is in place, all shall be accomplished. All this shall occur when my servant shall come to join the Lord.”

On Wednesday 24 July 1985, the inaugural meeting took place and the ICCC was officially registered in Brussels, in Belgium. Today, there are members in over 80 countries. As the Directors visit countries, new ICCC chapters open. Gunnar recently commented: “Considering the still brief history of the ICCC, I had the impression that I had to run as fast as possible in front of a large train in order to not be knocked down!

I am very touched and moved when I think of all the work accomplished with love by the members of the International Directorate and the members of the local chapters”. A more detailed account of the history and activities of the ICCC is found in the book: “Business Unlimited” – Memoirs of the Coming Kingdom, by J. Gunnar Olson, President and founder of the ICCC.