Introducing ourselves

stepmoonWhether you are a CEO, a CFO, an administrator, a politician or a manager in a company in this country; whether you run a small or medium-sized business, whether you are you active or retired, this message is for you.

The International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is a way of bringing to the world’s affairs, through Jesus Christ, God’s principles of wisdom, love and government.
Its central mission is to offer business people an opportunity to enter and live in the Kingdom of God, freeing the anointing of God for their business, redeeming their companies and their finances by the faith manifested by their owners. This mission is also centred on mobilising and creating a network between Christian entrepreneurs, managers and civil servants for Kingdom initiatives with precise, strategic and global goals.

The ICCC focuses on the Kingdom

VIISONThe Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness coexist; that is a fact. But the Kingdom of God is in all ways superior to the kingdom of darkness. When God created Man, he gave him dominion over creation. Adam lost his authority when he disobeyed. Nevertheless, the authority of Man over creation, and reconciliation with God were restored by the sacrifice of Jesus.
When Jesus began his ministry, He declared: “The Kingdom of God is near” (Matthew 4 v. 17). He wanted to show by these words that it is possible to rise above history and daily life in society, by an understanding and an acceptance of the perspective of the Kingdom of God. There is a fundamental difference between someone who is satisfied with declaring his or Christian faith and another who depends on the intervention and the government of God to run his business (specific teachings of ICCC on this subject are available). The action of the ICCC is based on this distinction; it distinguishes itself by its ambition to bring the perspective of the Kingdom of God to business and to government decisions.
To enter into the perspective of the Kingdom, one must recognise that the Kingdom of God can intervene, or even reign, on Earth here and now. The perspective of the Kingdom is global; it covers all areas of personal and economic life here on Earth.

The Kingdom of God is concerned with daily priorities – in our businesses, our families and our communities – that are determined by our adherence to the principles, initiatives and projects that come from the Throne of God. Jesus asked us to pray that the will of God be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Accomplishing this will presupposes an utter submission to the principles and goals of the Kingdom in our businesses. By focussing on the Kingdom, the biblical principles that free the anointing of God are lit up and put into practice.
Concerning the way of managing money, people and power, the perspective of the Kingdom presupposes a fundamentally different attitude. This different attitude is the result of a regular communion with the Lord. The Kingdom’s perspective – God’s actually – is strategic. It is a powerful guide to daily decisions. In this perspective, the person of the Holy Spirit and the gifts he manifests play a key role. Becoming an ambassador of the Kingdom requires obedience to the way the Kingdom functions. It gives the authority that in turn directs divine power in a coherent manner, and dominates over creation as the Creator wanted it from the beginning. The Word of God is clear: blessings are linked directly to submitting to the principles of the Kingdom.

ICCC initiatives and perspectives

ICCC_71959618ICCC’s long-term strategies include making available the Lord’s resources for Kingdom projects. Their aim is to stimulate the development of members’ businesses and to give rise to national and international initiatives whose aim is to manifest the Kingdom of God in the affairs of today’s world. These strategies imply the development of an interactive network of involved Christian business people and government leaders.
The ICCC network resolutely tries to apply the principles of the Kingdom in business, in the global context, thus providing the Lord with a platform for testimonies and discussions in order to demonstrate the difference between those who follow Him and those who do not (Malachi 3 v. 8).
Discerning the times is a central task for the development of an efficient, anticipated response of the Kingdom to ever-changing business conditions. World views are today undergoing major changes, affecting nations, markets, local economies, ethnic groups, resources and international relations. Despite the impact of the changes, discontinuities and disillusionment felt around the world, the ICCC has undertaken to demonstrate the principle given in Malachi 3 v. 8 (we see the difference between he who serves and he who does not). Times are currently propitious for strategic alliances between the Lord’s chosen ones in business, and a group of special people, like Pharaoh at the time of Joseph, or of King Cyrus during the captivity of Israel. Even though they are not disciples of the Lord, the “Pharaohs” and “Cyruses” of today occupy strategic positions and are used as facilitating agents in His plans for redemption.
In brief, the ICCC is a global network of committed business people who consider their companies and their roles in these companies as instruments for accomplishing God’s plans. The ICCC wants to encourage, edify, network and unify; it seeks to initiate company owners and managers who serve the Kingdom into constructive dialogues and into projects that are coherent with those of God for today. On a practical level, the ICCC wants to approach companies with a view to freeing the authority, wisdom and power of God through Jesus Christ in the everyday activities of world affairs.