The Chamber of commerce ICCC Switzerland regularly organises regional conferences around the country to encourage the creation of networks of people seeking to live ethical, Christian values in their life and their business. This is for the purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth, and to bring blessing to the economies of nations. This is the only solution for a humanity that is searching for benchmarks. The foundation of ICCC’s values is Jesus Christ, whom we recognise as Lord and Saviour of our lives, as written in the Bible, and who came to earth to restore the Kingdom of God and his divine justice.

Each month we organise regional meetings in the cantons to gather and share our experiences and our values. In this way we support each other by concrete actions in order to advance the Kingdom of God and His justice, by practicing His commandments.

If you follow the values that are ours, you can participate as an active member of our association. We need skills in the three linguistic regions of the country in the following areas:

  • Computer expert
  • Graphic arts expert
  • Leadership expert
  • Communication expert
  • Intercessors
  • Marketing expert
  • Graphic arts expert
  • Accounting expert and accountant
  • Financial expert
  • Human resources expert
  • Organisation expert
  • Management expert
  • Project management expert
  • Translation expert
  • Interpretation expert
  • Teacher
  • Attorney/lawyer/notary
  • Farmer/ or other

We are looking for politicians from all political parties who believe in God and want to advance the Kingdom of God and His justice in this country. As passive members, we need your prayers and your support to bring the projects to fruition in a biblical perspective.
We know that you may not be able to attend all the meetings organised by ICCC during the years to come. But you can support us in this tasks that God has given us.

If you become an active or a passive member, you will contribute to advancing the Kingdom of God in the economic life of this country and amongst the nations, i.e. the establishment of the Kingdom of God in this country in all economic and political spheres.

As an active member, you may become a TWL instructor, the head of a regional group, an intercessor or take on responsibilities according to your skills, to help us to build the Kingdom of God and thus durably establish the Biblical foundations that God is asking us to set up in this country and amongst the nations.