Organisation and ministries of ICCC

EngrenageStructurally, the ICCC is placed under the authority of an International Directorate. Each member of this Directorate is responsible for one Area or one functional sphere of influence that supervises the activities of the national Chambers. In this capacity, jointly with the comities it sets up, the International Directors set the basic policies and general directions in their respective areas. This includes the supervision of projects, current affairs, financial commitments and the application of policies on national and local levels.

The Areas are: Agriculture, Finance, Government/Administration, Intercession, International Relations, Information Technology Development (IT), Members/Networks/Mentors, Micro-companies, and Teaching and Training.

Within the different Areas there are individual ICCC ministries, actions and services.

These include:

  • The teaching series “Transformed Working Life” (TWL)
  • The video series: “You can go into business”
  • The “Shalom Israel” foundation
  • The worldwide network of members
  • National and international seminars and conferences
  • The “Market Calling” magazine (on the ICCC website) and the “Newsletter”
  • “Resolve” – a Christian mediation and arbitration service
  • Access to intercession for workplaces
  • Company counselling – for companies going through difficulties
  • Coordination of assistance to developing countries.
Local Chambers manage themselves under the direction of the National committee of each country. National chambers of the ICCC are under the authority of the International Directorate.
ICCC a.i.s.b.l. is an international non-profit association set up under Belgian law.