If you are on the Testimonies page, it is certainly because you appreciate reading the experiences others have lived through with God.

If you are a member of the ICCC and would like to share the way in which God intervened supernaturally in your life, in your family, in your company, with your staff, your clients, your suppliers, we would be happy to publish it in order to exhort and encourage others to persevere in faith and prayer. (Please write your testimony in the “contact form” at the bottom of the page).
Do not be afraid of looking pretentious or proud in your testimony, for the Bible exhorts us to witness.
We believe that testimonies that give glory to God are indispensable. It is in the face of reality that the world will see that we are different. As written in Malachi 3, God has a marvellous promise for us; one day we will see the difference between those who serve God and those who do not.

We are looking forward to reading your testimony.

My life began on a roller coaster ride. My mother gave birth to me in a hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1242 km from her home in Montreal. She was married but her husband was not my father. She left me in the hospital right after birth and I became a state ward and was placed in foster care where I grew up with 6 “brothers and sisters”. At the age of three I was literally snatched from this loving family and adopted by a Swiss couple who abused me both physically and mentally for many years.

I began my adult life in the business world in communications, marketing and development. Just before my first son was born in 1997, I had decided in my heart that family was much more important than a career (besides the fact that I wasn’t really headed where I thought I was supposed to). First, I cut my work time to 60, then 50 percent. During that time, I had had septicemia 4 times (severe blood infection). Many people die from just one of those infections. Just as I was recovering from that and heading back to work, I came home one afternoon only to find my 8-month old daughter with a broken femur. How it happened remains a mystery. I baby has to fall from 1.8 meters or higher or someone has to break it on purpose. We had an au-pair taking care the children and she couldn’t keep her stories straight.

As my children grew up I needed a job where I could be with them as much as possible. Their learning disorders made school a difficult place to be. In the meantime, my past had crept upon me and I could no longer stand my husband’s extremely manipulative behavior. I felt the depression taking hold of me and I cried out to friends and to my husband in very explicit terms and yet I remained so alone as they all said “hey don’t worry, you’re strong”. It’s true I was in a worldly sense. I was an athlete and had some really good results. After a bout with depression, I gave my life to the Lord.

Even as a Christian, I dealt with another severe depression, I tried to take my life but God had another plan for me. He sent angels that day to save me.

In 2007 we left for Quebec, simply following God and seeking to obey him. My marriage ended in divorce and I went back to school for a degree in Purchasing. I strongly felt that despite the difficulties landing a job God was really calling me into the business world and calling me back to Switzerland. He confirmed this on December 3 2010 and just a few days after finishing a 13-month, fulltime school in purchasing management. I began to pack. On December 30 my two children and I were back home in Switzerland.

In October of 2012, I went to an ICCC Conference in Fribourg. The invitation was basically extended to the men in my church but I really felt it was for me too. I signed up at the very last minute. At the conference, I saw Michel Koegler for the first time. There was something about him that made me think “oh no, not another guy like that”. Actually, I was the problem. I was intimidated by men who were in a position of authority because I had been knocked down by men like that so many times. I spent the next year very close to Jesus. I was unemployed for an entire year and spent hours every day with the Lord. I was hungry and thirsty. The Holy Spirit led me in prayer freeing me of many strongholds. I regularly met with Michel at the ICCC-FR group meetings. It turned out that he wasn’t the “big bad wolf”. In fact, he gave me a lot of room to be who I am. I actually think of him as being my mentor. He challenged me as a daughter in Christ and as a businesswoman; he prayed over me and he tore down some more strongholds in me in Jesus’s name. Today, I know that the workplace and the ICCC is my calling.

Bulle, Switzerland

I wish to witness in these few lines about all the help I have received from the ICCC.
As a pastor and missionary, I have been part of the ICCC Bernese Jura group for several years. And not only this, since the group had taken to heart the work I do in several areas, I have been efficiently supported:

In 2003-2004, I had to buy to plots of land, one with a house, in Luanda (the capital of Angola) as a lasting and stable shelter for street children and a church building. It cost CHF 10,000 that ICCC members lent me free of interest. The amount has since been paid back, minus the last CHF 1,050 given as a gift by the brothers.
For an entire year, ICCC Bernese Jura supported a kindergarten that Claire and Fabian Cerna (missionaries partly supported by the La Croisée church in Neuchâtel, of which I am the pastor) opened in the church we helped to build in General Güemes (Northern Argentina, province of Salta), to the tune of CHF 150 per month.
The teachings I brought to the ICCC Bernese Jura group were always very correctly paid.
Lately, ICCC Bernese Jura (both the group and an individual member) helped me by a total gift of CHF 3,000 to undertake the digging of a well in a village in Ivory Coast where La Croisée and a small support committee have built a Centre for literacy and preacher training in the Niaboa language; this well will serve year-round crops. I am going there soon. In the same framework, ICCC Switzerland gave me half the collection from a conference day. I may even be forgetting something! In any case, I must say how thankful I am!

I became a Christian 24 years ago; I was in business as a commercial director with the best results in the group.
I was responsible for the group’s most important department and for over 300 staff under me, with agency directors in Switzerland and Germany.
The turnover was great, I earned a very good living, the office was in the centre of town and I needed nothing. We took vacations three times a year, we had a house and a nice car, recognition, good health, and business trips and gourmet restaurants – all you can wish for in life.

One day, the owners of the house we lived in came to see us and we talked about faith. Shortly afterwards, my wife and I decided to be born from above, that is to be dedicated to Jesus Christ for the rest of our lives.
This was the beginning of a fascinating adventure that continues today and gets better and better over the years.
The great business became less great and the fall was brutal: the whole group went bankrupt, I lost my dream job and found myself young in faith without any spiritual experience, and in the business world.
I quickly started to ask myself question:
-How to manifest Christ in business?
-What is God’s plan for my life? Business or pastor?

A Bible verse took over my mind: “Seek first the kingdom of God and the rest shall be given from above”. Easy to read, but what should you do, what is the kingdom of God? Looking back, I think that God could do absolutely nothing with my old beliefs and that the demolition work on my false beliefs had begun. I realised that I had to pass through the renewal of my intelligence and the work of repentance was done little by little.

One day I heard of the ICCC and wanted to know what it was, so I went to an international ICCC conference 18 years ago in Russia and I discovered that God still speaks today, that he loves business men and women and that God wants to talk to the business world.
I received transformed working life teachings (TWL Transform Working Life) and this started to transform my vision of economics and the world.
I can testify today that God loves the world of economics, commerce, business, and that there is a way to serve God in business based on his Word.
After more than 20 years of walking with him, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in all areas of our lives. We (my family and I) have lived many miracles in our business, in our relationships, in our finances, and we faithfully continue our walk with He who gave all so that we could benefit from his superabundant grace. May all glory be to him!

Le soir de notre retour du séminaire TWL, nous avons encore pris le temps de passer en revue ce que nous avions vécu. En discutant, nous avons abordé un sujet personnel lié à notre mariage et à cause duquel nous nous sommes déjà blessés mutuellement il y a longtemps. Nous avons commencé à nous disputer, et parfois ces disputes sont vraiment fortes lors de telles occasions !
Du coup, j’ai dit qu’il fallait prier avant de continuer la discussion. D’un commun accord, nous avons placé nos pensées et nos sentiments sous la seigneurie de Jésus. L’instant suivant, nous voyions la situation avec de tous autres yeux et pouvions nous témoigner l’un l’autre notre amour et notre reconnaissance.
Je pense que cela n’a été possible que par la prière et la libération que nous avions connues au cours du séminaire TWL.
En plus de cela :
Sans l’avoir décidé consciemment, j’ai commencé peu après à enchaîner les forces de la magie et à briser la malédiction qui s’était installée dernièrement sur nous à cause de mauvaises paroles.
Avec ma femme, j’ai remis mon entreprise et tout ce que je suis et que j’ai à Dieu ; je me suis donc à nouveau placé sous la seigneurie de Jésus et la direction du Saint Esprit, et me suis coupé de tout soutien par Satan ! A l’avenir aucun soutien ne devra venir de Satan ni de son royaume, mais en tout nous voulons dépendre du soutien de Dieu.
Ce matin, je me suis vu en prière dans le Royaume de Dieu : j’étais au milieu d’un vaste paysage ensoleillé, dans la joie, la légèreté, dansant et courant les bras étendus, me sachant en sécurité et sous un regard affectueux et bienveillant. Une image très nouvelle pour moi… Que la main de Dieu puisse protéger cette jeune pousse !

On the evening of our return for the TWL seminar we sat down to talk over what we had heard. We got onto a personal subject linked to our marriage and because of which we had both wounded each other in the past. We started to argue, and sometimes we really fight on such occasions!

So I said that before we talked about it any more, we should pray. We agreed to put our thoughts and feelings under the dominion of Jesus. The next moment we saw the situation with entirely different eyes and could witness to each other about our love and thankfulness.

I believe that this was only possible through prayer and the liberation we had lived through at the TWL seminar.

Beyond this:

Without having really planned it, I began shortly afterwards to bind the power of magic and break the curses that had taken us over lately because of angry words.

I and my wife gave up my business and all that I am and I have to God; I thus placed myself once more under the dominion of Jesus and the leadership of the Holy Spirit and cut myself off from any of Satan’s help! In the future, none of our help must come from Satan and his kingdom, but in all things we want to depend on the sole help of God.

This morning, I saw myself in prayer in God’s kingdom: in a wide sunny landscape, in joy and in lightness, dancing and running with my arms stretched wide, knowing I was safe and watched over by loving, caring eyes… This is a really new picture for me… May God protect this young plant!