The Finance Area of ICCC supervises the setting of policies applied to the current affairs of ICCC. The goal of the Finance Area is to help ICCC fully realise its goal, which is to support the freeing of anointing in business and to redeem finances for the Lord. For project financing, ICCC actions and its global expansion, the Finance area is essentially inspired by God’s strategy. It all starts with a principle: “Seek first the Kingdom of God, His justice and His will”.
The Finance Area also supervises the financial affairs of the International Board.
The financing of international activities mainly comes from membership fees and gifts.


(Secretary’s office and statutory)
The ICCC seeks to help those who are called to leadership positions to be able to enter into all that God has planned. Administrative management is related to this leadership. ICCC has developed tools to help their leaders supervise Ministry activities and to manage spiritual and administrative supervision. Amongst other tasks, the Government Area manages tax and legal issues. Administration is a specific dimension of Government. It must occupy its right place; it must not be a controlling power, nor be considered as secular or unimportant. Essentially, the Government/Administration Area seeks to equip ICCC and its leaders so that they can serve as efficiently as possible, maintain order and direction and free others for their particular callings.


This is a vital aspect of ICCC’s activities. The role of an intercessor is to “plead in favour of another,” and it falls to the leadership to provide the intercessors with subjects for prayer. The role of the leader in this Area is to gather a group of faithful intercessors and to keep them informed of ICCC’s needs. This approach, however, is not intended to exonerate leaders and members from their task of praying regularly and constantly.

International relations

This Area is responsible for creating relationships with other Ministries such as the “Business and Professional Network (BPN)”. Furthermore, it provides help with complex problems involving several Areas simultaneously or with internal activities of National Chambers.


This Area manages services to members, communications and public relations. It develops programmes and tools enabling ICCC to communicate with its members, and to communicate the vision of ICCC to those who are not members but whose call corresponds to the mission of ICCC.

Information Technology Development (IT)

Information Technology (IT) is concerned with the use of recent developments in the area of communication technologies, in order to help ICCC reach its goals. By means of Internet and email technology, ICCC sets up groups of functional and operational networks for all its members.


This Area’s goal is to create a network amongst the members and their companies, and to develop these networks. By this means, new opportunities are created within markets served by ICCC member companies. The networks involve the areas of information technology, communications and public relations. Networking is also intended to set up a vehicle for the internal and external financing of ICCC, thus creating investment opportunities for ICCC companies. It is planned that this Area should become a “storehouse” to be used by the Lord in times of economic difficulty.


This is to do with setting up a “mentoring” process so that experienced members can advise and assist those starting off or growing in business, on the lookout for new opportunities.


ICCC’s “aid” ministry comes under this Area. This ministry provides links to financial sources in order to implement Isaiah 58 (help the poor and needy) it also provides emergency help that is complementary to ICCC’s main activities. Typically, these actions act as catalysts creating the opportunities and relationships necessary for redeeming entrepreneurs, by forming alliances with the business world. This makes it possible to create micro-credit businesses, to provide ICCC conferences on video and other proactive efforts through which God’s presence is injected into the business world by ICCC. Several organisations support this Area and the ICCC is ready to serve God’s will through specific involvement.

Teaching and Training

The Area of Teaching and Training is responsible for explaining what God’s Word says about the principles of the Kingdom that can be applied in an operational manner in business. Christian business people must apply the highest ethical standards. Nevertheless, ethics alone are only a small part of the message of the Gospel. Based on the principles of the Kingdom, ICCC is constantly aiming to show the difference between the just and the unjust, between those who serve God and those who do not.
Similarly, the Area of Teaching and Training will transmit the truth concerning the call to “make disciples of all nations”. It will develop reliable teaching materials in line with ICCC’s calling. This includes the Transformed Working Life (TWL) teaching series.