Becoming a member of ICCC

Becoming a member implies adhering to and supporting the goals, doctrines and values of ICCC.
The membership fee structure is divided into three geographical zones: developed countries, developing countries and emerging countries. Within a country, there may be different categories: for individuals according to their income and for companies according to their size. Please contact a national chamber in order to receive more information on the membership fees applying to a particular country.
Fees are paid annually. Subdivisions into categories for each country are decided by the International directorate of ICCC, with reference to the OECD guideline.
International portions of the fees are set by the members of ICCC during the Biannual International General Meeting. The International Directorate decides on fee structure changes according to the decisions of the members.

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The advantages of being a member of ICCC
Beyond the advantages linked to belonging to the networks, to participating in meetings and other services, members are informed of the important trends impacting economies and markets, as well as alliances and international relations and their influence on the Lord’s current projects.

The most important advantages for members are:

  • National and international conferences
  • Access to information and to resources.
  • Training, discussions, seminars and workshops providing principles and models to manage a company according to the Kingdom, and guidance to manage a company and its staff.
  • Regular and interactive means of communication within the organisation.
  • Means of identifying, developing, mobilising and networking resources and opportunities (including finances) for the goals of the Kingdom.
  • Fraternal communion, networking and the ability to establish links that allow the Kingdom’s goals to be met on a local, national and international level.
  • Availability of “Josephs” and “Daniels” for the activities of the Kingdom.
  • Availability of intercession and the principles of spiritual combat.

The International General Meeting (IGM) is called every two years.
The goal of the members’ meeting of is to submit to their approval:

  • Commercial activities.
  • The development of new opportunities.
  • The evaluation of the efficiency of ICCC’s work.

The IGM is also intended to provide a vehicle, a place for exchange, to build networks in order to equip and edify the members and local chambers. International Leaders Meetings are called in the years where there is no IGM.