Business Academy

Welcome to our Business Academy page

The Business Academy is intended for people who are looking for teaching that respects Biblical ethics and values.
Courses are à la carte, inter- or intra-company. These courses are based on Biblical foundations.


You may follow the following courses that are part of the Business Academy’s activities:

  • Biblical management
  • Management according to Biblical principles
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Principles of finance
  • Coaching according to the Bible
  • Authority and team management
  • Company values
  • Making staff members responsible
  • Governance
  • Marketing and sales
  • Company vision
  • Managing a company as a family
  • God and Business
  • Listening to God in business
  • Time management and priorities

All these courses may be held upon request, and require a preliminary interview with the participants in order to set the duration and the objectives of the modules to be given.
All teachers are committed in their faith and have the necessary training and experience to allow them to speak relevantly on the various subjects.
Certain trainers are professionals with an “Eduqua” certification and others are former directors, CEOs, or managers.

Transformed Working Life:

This service is exclusively for ICCC members; it is intended to set Biblical foundations in the professional lives of committed Christians. The study programme called “Transformed Working Life” consists of a series of courses on DVD and a book.

Developing your Business:

“Developing your Business” is the sequel to the “Transformed Working Life” teachings. It consists of a book and a series of 10 videos that examine stewardship and management principles.

Starting a Business:

There is a 10-DVD course and an accompanying book called “Starting a Business” intended for developing countries.

Company S.O.S:

« Company S.O.S » is a group of people who, upon specific request, step in to help your company in crisis or management difficulty situations, conflict, financial problems or debt.

It is a case of accompanying bosses, or directors, who are confronted with delicate situations in order to help them get out of it, or to coach them for a certain period.

By calling upon Company SOS, you will benefit from expert advice for your company (references upon request at the time of possible collaboration) at the strategic, HR, financial, marketing and sales levels.
For additional information on any of these options, please do not hesitate to contact us on