International directorate

The Directorate is elected during the International General Meeting (IGM), on the basis of the spiritual maturity and leadership capabilities of the nominees. As soon as the Directorate is nominated, the responsibilities mentioned here-above are attributed to the members, according to their particular gifts and talents. The latter then determine the responsibilities that shall be attributed to the Areas. The application of a similar system is encouraged at National chamber level. The function of President and Founder is a special case.

President and Founder

Today, as founder of the ICCC, J. Gunnar Olson occupies the position of “Honorary” President. His leadership and his inspiration for the members, the community of Christian business men and the national leaders continue to have a powerful impact for the Kingdom of God.

The President

The President is Chief of the executive or the Director General of ICCC; this position is unique. He presides over International General Meetings and all meetings of the International Directorate. He supervises all the affairs of the association.
The President, jointly with the Directorate, coordinates and delegates the activities of ICCC in the International Areasof responsibility and the sitting committees.

The Vice-President

The development of ICCC is one of the main responsibilities of the Vice-President. His/Her leadership encompasses several dimensions, the essential of a biblical leader being: faithfulness, service and the ability to encourage and inspire others. The Vice-President supports the President and replaces him if necessary.