ENERGIZING Reformation at work

ICCC – International Christian Chamber of Commerce – began more than 30 years ago as a dream of a worldwide people who know God and whose working lives are increasingly being an outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith.

A people who has been released into a new dimension of freedom and joy in their professional life, and is a blessing to the world by seeking God’s YES for the big issues and challenges in our time!

Today we are living in a very special time! Economical, political, social, spiritual conflicts are rising up every day. The level of competition and uncertainty in the world have probably not been as strong as today before.

Therefore the most important personal and collective asset is the ability to be led by the Holy Spirit in everything we do and this is not just a turbo effect! It is a necessity for being fruitful in life, especially if we want to see reformation and a new theology of work!
God has called us to be part of the solution for this time!
For this reason we need to live in liberty! Be free and able to serve the Lord as the number one priority in all areas of life.

We need to make a real EXODUS..

..and to be released from slavery into liberty! When God’s people crossed over the Jordan River into the land of milk and honey, they experienced a release into freedom and rest and a higher dimension of faith. At the same time they experienced the need to be effective as an army and win the 39 battles ahead, to possess and cultivate the land and eat of its fruit. (DEUT 11:11-2, JOSHUA 5:12)

Remember that it is one thing to get out of Egypt, but it is another to get the Egypt thinking out of us… This means being matured by God and say no to the flesh and living in and by His Spirit!
Take your time to reflect and consider what it means for you to receive God’s vision for your life, family and work. Experience God’s leading through some valley experiences, coming to the end of yourself, and let Him take over and live His life through you. (GAL 2:20)

Based upon increase of maturity, He will lead you to different mountain tops and allow you to see what He sees and to let you be the head not the tail in the area of your calling.

Let us all..

..be yearning to understand more of how to apply God’s word, His Yes and His ways to different sectors, industries and issues.
If that happens, we will gain a clearer prophetic understanding of our times, including God’s agenda and how we can be aligned with His purposes.

Life is a journey..

..and it is about a walk of faith, un-derstanding and loving God, and in His power serving those around us – individuals, companies, cities, and nations that need help from the Lord. ICCC is a mod- est organisation, but the calling and mandate we are carrying is big and will become a tremendous blessing to the wider body of Christ if we find relevant ways to serve local churches and prayer groups at different workplaces.
We strongly believe that the time has come for a new REFORMATION!
This is being energized and it will re- store hope for the future if we are motivated by love in everything we do!
You are welcome and invited to “jump on” a journey with the Lord, a practical prophetic process resulting in transformation, reformation and a new theology of work!
ICCC International Board
March 2017

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