This is the time when this new thing shall be done. It is a plantation which is clean and pure. I see great trees and many smaller trees and bushes. The big trees will protect the plantation when the storm is breaking loose. This is a shelter for many people. No one will be able to touch what I am now doing. The enemies will try to destroy, but I will hit them on their ngers. They will not succeed. Here is neither high nor low… only Jesus. The Lord will use these for many remarkable miracles. The trees and the bushes are full of fruit and berries containing great power.

When people see what I am doing, they will envy you, but they shall not be able to enter in. The Lord is showing the Kingdom which cannot be shaken. He will send it down to all those who believe that the Lord is faithful and real, already here. It shall not be taken away from the Lord’s people and will remain when Jesus comes. It shall not be capable of being shaken here on earth.
Many who think they have much to offer will become very small when they come, because what they bring cannot last.
There are many things to be shown, many things to be experienced.
Do not let what I am doing rock you out of balance. I will do unusual things. Just remain calm and in peace. All the answers come from Me. You can trust Me completely.
Do not trust in esh and blood. Yield yourselves to Me and lean on Me.

Irritations will arise, but remain in peace. They have not heard and understood the Holy Spirit. I will protect you in spirit, soul and body, and put My wall of re around you. You will grow in the Spirit in a new way. The Lord will give you new gifts. You will be able to communicate with your dear ones in the Spirit, and they will understand completely. The Lord will speak.

You will be bestowed with a wisdom that will astonish many. You will see My power in such a way that you only can be at rest. You will be like a child who only is… not leaning on your own understanding.
Remain in the purity of heart, the faithfulness, the rest… lest you lose your orientation. You are My servant, and you shall feel that you are completely free, completely happy and fullled… dressed in My glory as when I polish My jewel. The Lord will use you specially.

Keep your eyes on the Kingdom
that cannot shake… that begins here – that the Lord sends to all those who hold Him for faithful. It begins already here and shall not be taken away from you.
The golden chain that is about to be closed with the last link tells that all is nished. When that last link is put into its place all has been fullled.
This will all come to pass when My servant has gone to be with the Lord.

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