OUR PURPOSE – why we are here

“Our purpose is to encourage and equip Christians to experience a release into a new dimension of faith, hope, love, and freedom in their business and working lives and to better understand our time…”

– such as local, national, regional and international conferences, TWL seminars and business development activities.
– serving Christ by serving each other, the body of Christ and nations, by stand- ing in the gap in the marketplace.

The UNIQUE DIFFERENCE between ICCC and most of the other marketplace ministries is our focus on seeking to understand and demonstrate how the WALK OF FAITH – which requires hearing and obeying can TRANSFORM THE WORKING LIFE AND WORKPLACE, spiritually and professionally” (J. GunnarOlson)

For individuals, businesses, cities, nations, and the Body of Christ at large, we are committed to…

ICCC will, wherever possible, seek to serve and coop- erate with local churches and prayer groups at com- panies and organizations. The new TWL material is one great tool for these activities. This will result in clear proclamations and visible manifestations of the Kingdom of God in our time…

OBJECTIVES – The path for The fuTure

Increasing in maturity, get more people deeply engaged in different cities and become a blessing to the local body of Christ based upon solid relationships. ICCC members need to act as leaders withing the body of Christ


Serving people and nations, workplace- and business focused ministries and the international body of Christ.
Act as orchestrator, facilitator and strategic “net- maker” to connect the dots for the future.
Develop real personal relationships with local churches (in the cities where ICCC is active) and with Christian groups in companies and organizations.

KPI– Key Performance Indicators:
A) Number of Church relationships
B) Number of breakthrough testimonies
C) Number of TWL being arranged in-house,
(ICCC) and in collaboration with others


For Israel
– to be a strategic value creating partner, helping Israel to be a blessing to the world and excel in its calling.
For your nation, city and community
– Seek God’s redemptive purpose and gifts and receive God’s tim- ing in taking a position, and act with integrity.
Deepening the relationships with the intercessory movement for the future.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators:
A) Number of strategic initiatives linked to Israel
and your own country
B) Strategic prayer initiatives.


Understanding our time and the “global agenda”, in politics, finance and the issues relevant for Israel and the Church at large.
Understand God’s YES for the future of industries, sectors and issues.
An avalanche of testimonies showing God at Work.
Walk and work side by side with the prayer move- ment and other important collaboration partners – creating a “collaboratory”.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators:
A) Number of (and new) collaboration partners linked to our focus areas.
B) Number of proactive industry groups up and running taking steps .
C). Strategic prophetic initiatives linked to work- place issues.


We need a type of Gideon army (300 persons) in every nation, living by faith in freedom and joy, mani- festing the Kingdom in character and power
Proclaim the great message of“Walking by Faith at Work”
Get more “big and great trees” in place based upon experience” including new “Josephs & Daniels” being released to serve
Take responsibility to serve and grow in your nation, (1 member + 1 friend = multiplication)

KPI – Key Performance Indicators:
A) Number of big trees / country
B) Number of active national chambers with
a functioning board
C) Number of countries with core team D) Number of members in the chamber


Active and responsible leaders being diligent and effective in governance and communication – internally and externally.
Increased number of places for ICCC activities (hubs and city clusters) in every nation.
Get more young people (YP) engaged and in board positions. Hang on to a 3G approach – three generation walking together.

A great tree speaks to us of someone who is deeply rooted and grounded in the love of Christ and the word of God, who listens and takes action by faith, and experiences God’s supernatural power in their area of calling.
(PSALM 1, ISAIAH 61:3)Get more couples to serve together in ICCC

_Get more women engaged in the ICCC network
_Seek the Lord for a strategy in new emerging and developing countries
_Get a wider definition of Kingdom entrepreneur- ship in place
– Business, social, societal, academic, political and cultural entrepreneurs in place – include all sectors of society.

A) Number of countries with YP in board positions
B) Number of cities with ICCC activities
C) Number of serving couples recognized
in your country
D) The balance between private sector and otHer sectors in our network

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